Cari soci e simpatizzanti,

vi può interessare presentare il vostro lavoro sulla didattica della geografia/educazione geografica ad un grande convegno internazionale?

Quest’anno avete l’occasione giusta! EUGEO 2013 si terrà a Roma!

Noi ci andremo! L’AIIG, insieme ad EUROGEO e IGU-CGE sarà moderatrice della sessione giusta per voi! Trovi qui sotto la call!

Se avete dubbi o voglia di partecipare scriveteci!!

Geography education’s challenges in response to changing geographies


Gino De Vecchis, AIIG (Italy)
Karl Donert, EUROGEO
Jopp Van Der Schee, IGU-CGE

Call for papers

Our World is changing together with our perception of space and time. We can’t understand the local without referring to the global nor we can’t plan the future avoiding the discussion concerning yesterday’s policies and their effects on the present days. Our World is evolving and growing in complexity because of the infinite new interactions between scales, place and people. To identify the ongoing processes of change is demanding and crucial today more than ever. There is a need for people and students to understand their local environments within the bigger picture of a global changing system.
The first aim of geographical education is to promote this understanding by empowering geographical thinking and doing. Two of the main challenges in this direction are set to provide students a solid and wide spatial perspective that can be flexibly implemented or to improve geography’s potentials through the use of innovative teaching strategies and technologies in both formal and non-formal education either in or out from the class.

Innovative papers on substantial, original, and unpublished research on the main challenges of the geography educations are welcome.

The session is organized and will be moderated by the Italian Association of Geography’s Teachers (AIIG) together with the Commission of Geographical Education of the International Geographical Union (IGU-CGE) and with the European Association of Geographers (EUROGEO).
Participants will be invite to submit their contributes to the new international magazine J-Reading, journal of Research and Didactics in Geography or to the European Journal of Geography.

Session code: S16

If you are interested in participating please submit an abstract of no more than 250 words by filling in THIS FORM and send it to the organizers before march 31st 2013 using this
No one may submit or take part in more than two presentations.


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